now you hear it through the grapevine §2

Sea Never Dry ( Dance the Grape)
(I'm) The Rape of Art

Stilled silent music clip
inspired by the
duke of earl

grapesofart 2007

as you walk through this world
stay in the dark my love
stay in the dark
I can watch you in the darklands


Wait around the bushes my love

Behold the burning bushes

Watch the flames

In the dark


I'm the shadow in the dark my love

I'm just the shadow of tomorrow

The mask I Paint it Blue

you're my doctor

( Oooh Mr Blue Waoo Waoo )

Dr. Africa Dr. Wu

Call the doctor Balanzone


i Trample round the vineyard / Where the grapes of art are stored


Splash the grapes / Dance the grape

Do the grapes of art

the sweetest wine we will share


Dance the grape

do the grape do the grapes of art  


I'm the Red Sea You Tear Me Apart

I'm the salt sea but I'm not Dry

No I'm not dry

Sea No Dry

I call your name You blush behind the mask


I'm the Red Sea around your Head

I'm the Red Army in the blazing snow

I'm the Red Blood in your veins



I Watch you from the inside

I watch you in the dark

Watching the dark

  dance the grape do the grape do the greapes of art  

As I walk through these hills
Nothing can stop the Rape of art
And you, you are my vitis vinifera
And no one can hurt you, oh no
Yes, I'm gonna love you
Come on let me hold you darlin'
'Cause I'm the Rape, Rape of art

And when I hold you tight
You will be my Grape, Grape of art
We'll walk into the vineyard where
we hear it whispered by the leaves
That nothing will keep us apart
Cause nothing can stop the grapes of art

Yes, I'm gonna love you
Come on let me hold you darlin'
'Cause I'm the Rape, Rape of art


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Van: Kris CARLIER <>
Verzonden: donderdag 5 april 2007 9:58:43

Onderwerp: FW: afro muziek blog:

Dear Grapes of art

U gelieve deze link op uw site te zetten.

Pieter Remes is een collega-student van mij geweest,
hij heeft later antropologie voortgestudeerd in Chicago,
waar hij trouwens ook DJ was bij een vrije radio.
Nu woont hij onder de nevels aan de voet van de
Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Hij heeft een razend goede vinylcollectie van Afro
En Zwart Amerikaansemuziek (veelal jaren 70).

Doen! Kris, Grapotraductionist