Klebnikov Carnaval:
Deelnemerslijst 2009

stand op 13 augustus 4:21 u



Note: Stille Waters is also where our KLEBNI -EXHIBITION will take place

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (so far, that is, but growing daily still)
– (dates of performances may still change,
some participants will perform on more than one occasion,
others haven't decided yet when exactly they will perform)


wordt dagelijks aangevuld met een enigszinse
programmatie an alle informatie over het festival.




grapes of art july 2009


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Chlebnikov Carnaval 2009


KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL is a participative festival organized by Grapes of Art , Bereklauw en Vilt .

during 8 days we let the spirit of free lyricism take over at the Evenementenweide in the Provinciaal Domein in Kessel-Lo ( a 10 minutes walk from the railwaystation of Leuven).

we do this without any financing, it just happens. beca use we need it.

we, that's all of us. everyone doing creative work is hereby invited to be either fysically present or send in their works.

this is basically a literary thing, inspired by the great poet Velimir Chlebnikov, but anyone reading this will understand that our aspirations are larger then any restriction laid down by commerce on the free exercise of creativity.

because it's you that make this happen, we just open the gate for eight days.

your participation will be rewarded by our hospitality (we provide free lodgings for everone participating) and a growing international renown.

you can participate in the KLEBNIKOV CARNAVALdigital files that can be shown, read or enacted. please send your material objects with specifications to:
Smidsestraat 31,
3010 Kessel-Lo

please send your digital files with specifications to: dirk _at_ vilt.net





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